Monday, January 17, 2011

No longer patiently waiting!! :)

These last few days have been crazy! Rescheduled flights to Nanning and once arriving to our Hotel, in search for a new one since the rooms were filthy and moldly, some with open electrical wiring. Another woman (2Chinagals) and I spent the rest of the evening looking for other hotels since there is a convention in town. We are now residing in a beautiful 6star Marriott for a minimal uplift in cost. It's amazing the feeling you get when you can allow your children to walk with just socks on carpet.

Chayse is absolutely beautiful! As expected she was quite upset when we received her but by the end of the evening we were able to get a few smiles and giggles from her. I did give her a quick cloth bath and changed her (5 layers of clothing and a diaper fastened to her by rope) but she did not want to lose her original outfit. So we negotiated by letting her keep the socks that she was wearing on and the rest of her clothing is close by so she can look/touch it if she wants. The clothes we brought do not fit her, she maybe 22lbs but she has long legs. Thankfully I packed some leggings so I think that may do the trick until we are back home. She is also drinking and eating, talks up a storm and will definitely tell you went she does not want something. We are SO thankful Madison is with us, Chayse has quickly grown attached to her and Madison is in love with her little sister. :)

Since we are settled I will try to remain a good blogger and get on here everyday. Today we will be finalizing the last note, our guide said in Beijing under no circumstances that we would be able to meet the foster family but just hours before meeting our children we received one last update. Included in ours was Chayse's foster family 'good wishes for her' and they did say they hoped that she would come back to visit. I immediately showed our guide since we would like to stay in contact as well. She has now agreed to work with the orphanage and see if we can meet with the Foster family! *fingerscrossed*

Few more things...sorry for the rambling...lack of sleep. Chayse arrived with golden ringlets of faux hair attached to her hair (you can see it in the top pic) with golden clips. When I finally removed it, I could not believe how much hair she has! Beautiful hair, almost half way down her back, I don't think Madison had that much hair until she was 4yrs old! I see many hair accessories in Chayse's future! :)
Also, I promise to post pics of Chayse and Daddy in the upcoming days. She did not start warming up to him until late evening and by that time I was too tired to even think of picking up a camera.


  1. Oh my gosh, I've been checking and checking like mad!! Finally an update. Phew! So happy to hear how well its going with Chayse, she is adorable. Jia is 23lbs, so they're very close in size. Congratulations!
    Shelley, Eric, Lili, Fei and Jia

  2. awesome. was wondering what was happening! Sad you had the hotel issue, that isn't fun, but oh to have her in your arms!!!!!

  3. Thanks Shelley!
    I am so thankful that we packed as many toys as we did. It really helped us get a few smiles from her last night. We found out hours before that she has a soother and that really helped her as well. Now if I could only sleep!!! :)

  4. Hey Nat!!! It's your old house talking! I am so happy for you, Giles & Madison!! Can't wait to meet my new neighbor!! Take your time and enjoy, it is FREEZING in the Wick. All is well at your place as far as I can see. Love to you all, Lise, Mark & the kids xoxoxo

  5. Congratulations! Sorry it was so traumatic, but I'm sure that having her sister there is a help. She probably got some of those clothes special just for this day and is afraid that you're going to take them away :-)


  6. Oh my goodness, chayse is beautiful!! What a couple of days you have had. Love the story about her faux hair, you will have to keep it to show her one day. I hope you get to meet the foster family, it would be great for you to meet and keep in touch.

  7. Yea!!! I've been checking all day. So glad to hear from you!

  8. Yay!!!!! She is cute!!! Quite interesting about the fake gold curls??!!! Glad to hear you found better accomodations....enjoy being a family of four!

    Steph :-) xo

  9. Congratulations (this is Heidi with the Nanning daughter). She is adorable... I hope you have a blessed time in China together.

  10. Wow, what a day! I'm teary over here thinking about you guys meeting your little girl for the first time. She is darling and you all look happy and excited.