Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Daddy's Little Girl....

Yesterday was pretty busy. Chayse slept well during her first night, she woke up a couple of times to see where she was, cry a bit but then settle to sleep. We were off pretty early in the morning to have our adoption notarized with the province but it was a great feeling to know that she officially a Gallant! She is such a happy baby and became Daddy's Little Girl by the afternoon. Daddy's funny and goofy! By dinner she didn't want anything to do with me! That's fine, she tends to come to me to sleep at night and of course we'll have plenty of mommy-daughter time when we get back home.
We're off to Nanning City Orphanage tomorrow and will meet the Foster family. I am excited, nervous and will most likely become a weeping idiot. So much to thank them for, hoping it will have some closure for Chayse and be not too traumatic for her. She has bonded so well and especially to Madison (poor Madison can't even have privacy in the bathroom without Chayse wanting to be with her!) that I hope the visit goes smoothly.

Us with the Orphanage Director

Group 264
Madison loves being a big sister!
Please send us positive thoughts for tomorrow!


  1. Lots of positive thoughts from Germany! So happy for you guys. I am a weeping idiot too reading your blog. Tonya, Harry & Kai

  2. so cool you get that visit with her caregivers, that will be a gift for her in the future!!!

  3. Praying that your visit is wonderful!!!

    Steph :-)

  4. Sending good thoughts and big hugs to you all. Even if the foster family visit is a little rough for Chayse (and her mama) in the long run when she is older she will appreciate that you did everything you could to get all the info possible for her. Reading your blog has been the highlight of my day and Faith is so excited for Maddison!

  5. What a beautiful family! Can't wait to show Lili and Fei the pictures after school. They've been so excited about Madison getting to be a big sister. My thoughts are with you for your meeting with the foster family! What a rare treat.