Wednesday, January 5, 2011

It's crunch time!

We are close to travelling, here is our Itinerary:

Tuesday January 11th - Fly to Beijing
Wednesday January 12th - arrive and sleep!!
Thursday January 13th to Saturday 15th - Visit Bird's Nest, Water Cube and Summer Palace
Sunday January 16th - Fly to Nanning, Guangxi
Monday January 17th - Go to Government Office and meet our beautiful girl Chayse aka Forever Family Day!
Tuesday January 18th - Go to the Adoption Centre for notarization and apply for Chayse's passport.
Wednesday January 19th - Visit Nationalities Museum
Thursday January 20th - Free Day
Friday January 21st - Pick up passport
Saturday January 22nd - Fly to Beijing, once arrive arrange Canadian Visa for Chayse
Sunday January 23rd - Visit Great Wall of China
Monday January 24th - Medical Exam and Canadian Embassy appt for Chayse's citizenship paperwork.
Tuesday January 25th - Visit Tiananmen Square and Forbidden City
Wednesday January 26th - Free Day, pick up Visa in afternoon.
Thursday January 27th - Head Home

Whew! I'm tired already! :)


  1. Hey, I think we may be in Beijing around the time you are at the start of your trip. I think we arrive the night of the 14th. whoo hoo.

  2. Which hotel are you staying in? Are you starting or finishing your journey? We could hook up for a beer! :)

  3. oh, its sooooo exciting. I hope you will be updating your blog while you are away?? Wow, wow, wow!!!!

  4. summer palace and forbidden city were favs of mine, dress warm, watch out for the grandma clothing police and have an awesome time!

  5. You will like the Nationalities museum in Nanning. The most exotic place of your itinirary! Be prepared for the change of weather: warm in Nanning and very cold in Beijing! How lucky you are!! We did the same trip at the same moment 3 years ago for a wonderful Guangxi girl!
    Anne-Marie from Quebec city