Tuesday, February 8, 2011


We were all hit with Jet lag pretty bad and it took us over a week to recover, I felt that we were starring in 'The night of the living dead" (hence the delay in my blog entry) but we have finally fallen into a routine and everything is going great. The girls love being together and have even had a few bouts of sibling rivalry, that's a good sign right? Chayse is still hesitant with Daddy but he seems to be able to continue the bond process with food so I am guessing that if I stock the pantry with chips and ice-cream, she will be Daddy's girl soon enough. LOL

I have to admit that though it feels great to be home I am missing Nanning. It was so beautiful that I can't wait to return with the girls when they are older. They are both from southern provinces so I am sure travelling through both of them during the summer months will be breathtaking. I look forward to that day!

Thank you all for following along in our journey to bringing our daughter home. Thankfully we are no longer patiently waiting!!