Monday, January 24, 2011

Chayse.....because that's all we do!

We have quickly realized that her chosen name fits her perfectly! Can you guess why? Let's just say that I will not have to renew my gym membership when I get home. I think our little Tasmanian Devil will keep Mama pretty active.
We arrived in Beijing late last night, flight was pretty bumpy so even though it was freezing cold, I was happy to be on safe ground. We will miss Nanning, it is definitely a beautiful province. Murphy's Law, we found an Activity Centre for the girls the day before we had to leave. It's amazing how much fun kids can have with a bunch of balloons and one big fan! Gilles and I are hoping that we can return in 5yrs and do a Guangdong-Guangxi tour.
We headed to the Great Wall today, OMG..windy and cold do not make a good combination for our southern belle. Gilles tackled the Wall while Chayse, Madison and I huddled in the coffee shop. On the way back we stopped at the Jade Factory, a place where we bypassed with Madison but vowed to go back this time around. Beautiful stuff! Mama did some retail therapy!
Tomorrow is Canadian Embassy and hopefully we will hit the Beijing Aquarium in the will give our little Taz a chance to run! :)


  1. The balloons do look like a lot of fun! Glad you made it safely, sorry it was so cold, but the jade place is a perfect indoor activity :-) Good luck at the embassy.


  2. balloon pit looked fun, we skipped some activities outside because of the weather, for us just wasn't worth the effort/strain it could put on the little ones, and we always found SOMEthing to do. Blessings as you hit this final China stretch of your awesome journey!

  3. LOVE the pictures of them playing together. The balloons looked like a huge hit. Sorry it's so cold in Beijing.