Friday, December 10, 2010

What a week!

I had my SUV broken into and my Laptop was stolen. I really hated the feeling of being violated and especially being so dependant on technology! How did we survive before? Needless to say I am feeling better and thankfully there was no damage to the vehicle...that's how good they were. I just have to look at my beautiful Daughter's picture and all is forgotten, a reminder of what is really important!

Just a few more weeks and we will be in Beijing, China!
...and then after a couple of days to climatize we will fly down to Nanning, Guangxi!
I received our Itinerary yesterday, I will post it soon. :)

Happy Friday!!


  1. Wow-an actual itinerary makes everything suddenly real, doesn't it?

  2. Very exciting. I'm thinking we will get our full itinerary tomorrow---if not later today. eeek. That's so sad about your laptop. I had a similar thing happen to me years ago while I was on vacation---my laptop and my backup drive with all the content for my Master's degree was on that computer. Still, it's good to see you are able to have a positive outlook. Stay strong.