Sunday, December 19, 2010

Funny what you find when you start nesting!

With my laptop and backup Hard Drive being stolen last week I thought I had lost all my photos since Madison arrived in our lives. I was starting to rely heavily on friends and family to send me whatever they had. Well, with our upcoming travel to China the nesting mode has kicked in. During my cleaning I came across a memory stick and thought it would be great to bring with us so I could back up any photos I take while there. Thinking that it was full of old work stuff I uploaded it onto my new computer and to my wonderous surprise it was FULL of pictures...4GB worth!! I was a grinning idiot! LOL

How happy I was to see that I still had pictures of these special moments....

Madison's first Chinese New Year
her beauty captured

our trip to Cuba

my sleeping Diva!

hopefully not a sign of things to come! LOL

fishing with Daddy

 Hopefully with my continued cleaning I will find more hidden treasures! :)