Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's been a stressful week...

Canada Post lost are LOA docs and passports for a few days but thankfully they were found last night and continued on course to our Agency. I can finally breath easier knowing that they have arrived at their destination.

I also decided to send a care package to Chayse for a few reasons - to thank her Foster Family for taking care of our beautiful Guangxi Girl, in hopes that someone explains to her that her new family will be arriving soon to bring her home , that she sees our photos and gets familiar with our faces so when she does meet us for the first time that it wouldn't be so traumatic for her. As well, that we may obtain some precious photos of her with her Foster Family....a beautiful keepsake that would be appreciated by us all, especially Chayse.

If we are really lucky, in the next few days we may receive some updated photos of our Guangxi Beauty!


  1. Glad to hear that they found your docs and passports!! What a if this is all not stressful enough waiting to travel!!

    Looks like you used Ann at Red Threads for the care package...... I LOVE HER and I am sure she will get you some beautiful new updated photos!

    Thinking of you and can't wait to see you with your precious girl~



  2. I'll cross my fingers for you, too.

  3. I just went back to see the last batch of referrals since they were posted when we were in China.

    Chayse is beautiful!! Congratulations and safe travels. Tracy

  4. All carriers have problems...not just Canada Post