Thursday, November 4, 2010

Here is our 'Little Firecracker'...

We are so overjoyed to introduce our Daughter!
Xia Xiang Jiao aka Chayse Gabrielle Gallant.
She is residing in Nanning City, Guangxi.
DOB - April 24, 2009

We were told that she is a little Firecracker and by her laugh, she sure looks it!! She will fit into the Gallant Clan just fine!! :)


  1. Congratulations. Looks like a great little personality!

  2. Absolutely AWESOME. Took a bit to get there, but enjoy this moment, it is sweet isn't it!Congrats!

  3. OH WOW CONGRATULATIONS!!! What a cutie pie. Wishing you speedy travels.

  4. We're SOOO thrilled for you! She just looks so happy. Worth the wait. Now, get busy, there is tons to do :)

  5. Yes she looks like an adorable little firecracker!Our princess is also a Guangxi(Guigang)beauty.Congratulations to you all.
    Dianne(CB 253)

  6. Very happy for you! I am also Mommy to a daughter from Guangxi. Guangxi is a beautiful place. I hope you enjoy your time there.

    Speaking of beauty, your Chayse is beautiful and will come to you well-loved! She will amaze you!

    LID 11.8.05
    Gotcha Grace from Guangxi: 8/27/07

  7. She is sooo cute and looks full of personality!! I think she will be a perfect fit in your family!! Enjoy this happy time!

    Steph :-)

  8. Oh Nat! This is wonderful news. She's definately lucky to be joining such a great family. Maddie must be so excited!

    Hugs to you and your family.

  9. Hi Madison
    Congratulations on your new baby sister! She is so cute! I think you'll love being a big sister. I know I sure love being a big sister to our Jia. I hope you have a fun trip to go get her. I had lots of fun in China.
    Love from your friend Lili

  10. Hi Madison
    Wow is your baby sister ever cute. I hope you're going to have a great time in China. I think you're going to be an excellent big sister. Maybe your baby will be walking, we have to carry Jia and she is really heavy. We'll see you again next summer and won't it be fun for Jia and Chayse to play together.
    Love from your friend Fei

  11. Congratulations!!! Your daughter is absolutely precious and oh so young! What a wonderful blessing that is!

  12. She is beautiful, Love that smile.
    Bill, Margo, Liam, and Ella

  13. Congratulations on your Nanning referral. When you are ready to get more information about your daughter, including her newspaper finding ad (with a very young photo of her!), come pay us a visit. We look forward to working with you!

    All the best!!!


  14. She looks like a ton of fun - what a cutie!! CONGRATULATIONS!

    -- Trace7, RQ